We improve your golf performance so you can enjoy the game more!

Simon James – Founder and Head Coach

Simon is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness L2 and Power L2 Certified Golf Fitness Specialist. His coaching style is detailed, efficient, and good-humoured, with bespoke fitness programmes designed to fit your busy lifestyle.

“Becoming a better golfer is about more than technique and skill. Your physical fitness makes a huge difference. As a golf fitness specialist, I will help increase your strength, fitness, and mobility so you see fast improvements in your game – and enjoy golf for longer. Discover how golf fitness will make you a more efficient player.”

Total Golf Fitness is based in Chichester, West Sussex but you can access our services online, too. We train golfers of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to tour professionals.


  • Fitter, stronger golfers get more enjoyment from their game
  • Any golfer will improve performance by training smarter
  • Golf should be a positive part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Golf fitness must have measurable benefits on the course
  • You should never be held back by aches, pains, or injury


We Assess

We never guess – we assess. Our detailed TGF screening assessment looks at different golf-specific movements. This allows us to see your strengths, limitations, and anything else impacting the body/swing connection. You’ll even get a Golf Fitness Handicap.

We Train

Using the information from your TGF screen and movement assessment, we design a golf fitness training programme to improve your balance, mobility, stability, and strength. The ultimate goal is a consistently better game whilst staying injury-free.

We Optimise

Our mission is to improve your golf performance and enjoyment of the game, through greater strength, fitness, and health. Discover how expert golf fitness coaching will help you maintain your optimal swing across the most demanding courses.



Assess any limitations and imbalances
Work on balance, mobility, and stability
Increase strength and power
Improve club head speed
Increase distance off the tee
Reduce the risk of common golf injuries


Simon James
Founder and Head Coach

Simon is Titleist Performance Institute Fitness L2 and Power L2 certified and a Golf Performance specialist with the CHEK Institute.

His experience and expert knowledge enables him to provide bespoke, versatile, results focused golf fitness programmes designed to fit into even the most hectic schedules. Ensuring consistent improvements in each players performance efficiently and quickly.

“Our mission is to help golfers become stronger, fitter and healthier and in turn improve their golf performance by training smarter. At Total Golf Fitness we create lifetime golfers”.

Matthew Pritchard
Assistant Coach

Matthew is a Titleist Performance Institute L1 certified Golf FItness specialist and a qualified fitness professional.

As a rotational sports specialist and fitness professional, his in-depth approach focuses on assessing each golfer to determine any weaknesses or limitations. He is then able to design a tailored program that focuses on, and improves, any areas which may be holding the golfer back from playing their best game.

His ethos is “Discipline and consistency will give you great results in the gym and on the course, we help make this happen by focusing on the application of our proven results based golf fitness programs”.

Matthew Tipper
PGA Professional

European /Asia tour representative for James Sieckmann “Your Short Game Solution”  K-Vest L3 certified, TrackMan L2 certified.

A vastly experienced and energetic golf coach, Matthew is one of the only worldwide instructors to be K-Vest L3 certified as well as TrackMan L2 certified. He works with players of all levels from around the world, including the European, PGA, Champions and LPGA tour.

His passion for greater knowledge means he is always learning and adapting to new ideas and trends in the golf industry in order to provide the best quality and up-to-date instructions to all of his golfers. Matthew travels extensively to represent and assist James Sieckmann around the world with clinics and professional players.